Lakeland Ridge

Sherwood Park, Alberta


Select Engineering has been involved in all aspects of planning and engineering design and construction in Lakeland Ridge since its approval in 1999. The final stage is presently under construction just south of the recently constructed Lakeland Drive arterial roadway in Sherwood Park. Street names in Lakeland Ridge are all taken from the lake names in Alberta. The Trillium Centre is located on a 6.2 hectare School and park site in the north plan area adjacent to Clover Bar Road. A signature feature in this neighbourhood are the homes in the south plan area which fan out and front on to a walkway system. An extensive green corridor designed through the central plan area passes by naturalized stormwater facilities and ties into Crimson Drive near its north end. This corridor creates a green buffer between back of lots and supports and encourages walkability in the neighbourhood.

Urban Planning, Land Development, Marketing + Graphics, Residential
171.5 hectares | 350 acres
Genstar Development Company

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