2019 Roadway Assessments

Spirit River, Alberta


The 2019 Road Assessment project included two components, first the development of standardized procedures for inspectors to complete an inspection, and subsequent inspections of the rural roads, and second the onsite inspection and reporting of the current condition of the roadways.

A procedure manual was developed to assist inspectors with the completion of standardized inspections, as the MD of Spirit River intends on completing subsequent inspections with their own staff. This manual details the process for assigning values from 1 through 5 on five individual criteria where applicable: Asphalt Surface Deficiencies, Gravel Surface Deficiencies, Dust control, Crown, and Drainage. A rating scale complete with descriptions has been provided for each criteria, based on the scale of 1 (Failed/Very Poor), 2 (Poor), 3 (Fair), 4 (Good), and 5 (Excellent). By reviewing each applicable criteria for a subject roadway, an overall average score can be determined.

Following the completion and acceptance of the procedure manual, an onsite inspection was completed with staff from Select Engineering and the MD of Spirit River for all roads within the MD. This initial inspection was completed to provide the MD staff with the appropriate skills needed to complete subsequent inspections, and also to provide an initial starting inspection point for all roadways.

GIS integration was an important portion of this project, as the MD of Spirit River requiring all inspection information to be readily available through their GIS platform provided by MuniSight. Select Engineering worked closely with MuniSight regarding data integration, and providing MuniSight with a compiled list of all gathered inspection data that was able to be displayed through their GIS web application.

Municipal Engineering
535 km of rural roadways
Final Report Submission October, 2019
MuniSight Ltd.
Key Personnel
Steve Brittain, CET – Project Manager

  • Spirit River Roadway Assessment
  • Spirit River Roadway Assessment
  • Spirit River Roadway Assessment
  • Spirit River Roadway Assessment