Lamont Capital Plan – Infrastructure Status Report

Lamont, Alberta


The Infrastructure Status Report completed by Select Engineering Consultants for the Town of Lamont is an overview report providing an inventory of infrastructure currently owned and maintained by the Town of Lamont, a compiled list of recommendations that have previously been made to the Town of Lamont, and an initial 5 Year Capital Works plan.

This report reviewed the water treatment and subsequent distribution infrastructure, sanitary collection and treatment system, storm water collection and management works, and road infrastructure. The objective of the report is to provide an inventory of the current assets, provide recommendations for improvements based on previously identified needs, and provide an initial framework for a 5 year capital project plan to maintain an acceptable level of service.

The report was also used for a preliminary gap analysis, identifying the components of infrastructure where minimal information was available regarding capacity and condition. For example, beyond historical as-built information from January 1980, no information regarding condition is available on a major storm sewer asset that provides service in severe weather events to a large portion of the Town of Lamont. Public Works staff reported several significant repairs were completed on this asset where it had failed structurally, but the general condition of the asset is unknown. Furthermore, road work projects were identified to be required in the area. The preliminary gap analysis identified a need to properly assess the condition of this asset prior to engaging in further capital projects on the road infrastructure.

Municipal Engineering
20 km or sanitary sewer and water mains. 150,000 square meters of roadway.
Adopted by Town Council October, 2017
Town of Lamont
Key Personnel
Steve Brittain, CET – Project Manager

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