Crystallina Nera

Edmonton, Alberta


Crystallina Nera is a north Edmonton community featuring naturalized storm ponds, two school sites and a 4.8 hectare urban forest. The first stage in this subdivision includes a storm pond with 95,000 cubic metres of storage volume, 3 multi-family sites and 94 mixed low density lots and 16 street oriented townhouses. Select provided urban planning, detailed design, construction coordination and management of this subdivision.

A key concern was the detailed design of the stormwater pond. Distance between the pond inlet and outlet had to be maximized to allow for proper sedimentation of the stormwater before it entered the adjacent natural wetland, Poplar Lake. Detailed design, with an electrical sub-consultant, was required on the flow control structure to properly moderate downstream flows. Naturalized vegetation provides further filtration to maintain the natural environment.

Another challenge in this subdivision was the detailed design for the narrow lot street oriented townhouses. Special consideration and design was required to ensure proper surface runoff drainage and underground utility service separation.

Construction of this stage was complete in 2013, with the majority of the CCC's approved. Maintenance will end in 2016, Select is responsible for tracking maintenance and coordinating with contractors and City inspectors to obtain final certificates.

Urban Planning, Land Development, Residential
16.5 ha. (40 ac.)
Stage 1 thru 5 Constructed November, 2015
Genstar Development Company

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