Tofield Main Street Improvements

Tofield, Alberta


In 2013 the Town of Tofield requested Select Engineering to proceed with engineering servicing for the upgrading of the Town's main street. This project included the replacement of water and sewer main infrastructure in 2013, with roadway and streetscape installation completed in 2014. The design for this project incorporated LED decorative street lights, Brandon Elm boulevard trees with LED Christmas lights and connections, benches, garbage receptacles, large planters, hanging flower pots, coloured concrete, signage, Town banners, and lane markings.

Municipal Engineering
4 Blocks (450 m)
Town of Tofield

  • Tofield Main Street 1
  • Tofield Main Street 2
  • Tofield Main Street 3
  • Tofield Main Street 4
  • Tofield Main Street 5