COVID-19 vs Select Operations


Friends of Select, we would first like to extend our gratitude to all our industry friends who put their trust in Select to support our activities within our service region. Our team may bend but we won't break and like many others we do need to take some extra steps to address the on-going concerns with COVID-19.

We mentioned "versus" COVID-19 and as much as we would like to hit it head on its pretty hard to confront something that no-one can see! So, we have instituted the following effective immediately:

  • Most staff will and have been working remotely at home. There may be small groups within the office performing certain other tasks such as administrative and management duties.
  • Contact to all staff remains the same either through email, office or cell phones.
  • We continue to exercise a high degree of office hygiene.
  • Social distancing is widely used and have imposed restrictions on external or internal meetings recommending conference calling or "Teams" approach using various software techniques.
  • All travel has ceased until further notice.
  • We continue to monitor daily developments and will adjust out operations on an as needed basis depending on the directives from Alberta Health Services, Provincial and Federal Governmental Agencies.

We are open for business and look to maintain our high standards on our deliverables for our Clients and other industry associates. These are times where uneasiness abounds but if we all stay strong, support each other and comfort those who may not be as fortunate. We will demonstrate to the world that us Canadian's are a resilient bunch and when challenged we do hit it head on!

Thanks again for your patience and support.

The Select Team!

COVID-19 Response